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The longitude revolution

With ocean navigation, humankind divided up the world and invented longitudes, which were calculated by comparing the local time, observed using the sun, and the time at a starting point, kept by an extremely reliable timepiece. John Arnold was one of the leading suppliers of chronometers to the Royal Navy. He was the one who successfully improved the reliability and simplified the production of these indispensable marine chronometers, so much so that he became a benchmark among great explorers such as James Cook and later Dr David Livingstone. The indication of several time zones is therefore integral to Arnold & Son’s watchmaking identity. 

Domed like the Earth

As navigation was itself inseparable from cartography, Arnold & Son chose to depict a three-dimensional terrestrial hemisphere, making it possible to tell what time it is at any point. The lands seen on the surface are sculpted to precision and together with the deep, hand-painted seas, they serve as a backdrop for the world time dual time zone display. Overhanging these is an infinite arch which fixes their rotation. In shades of blue, Arnold & Son pays a chromatic tribute to John Arnold’s marine chronometers, which were embarked on English naval ships in the 18th century.

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A notch in singularity

Arnold & Son has developed a second approach to the time elsewhere in the world: with a double tourbillon featuring two distinct rotating regulating organs, making it possible to follow time zones offset by 15, 30 or 45 minutes compared to a full hour – a freedom in terms of setting that remains extremely rare.  Once again, and because this double display is based on a profoundly chronometric complication, Arnold & Son’s fundamental principles are interwoven. One never advances alone; there are always two – if not three – together. This is how a pillar’s strength is measured: it relies on the next one, creating the conditions for a solidity that stands the test of time. 

Our collections in World Time

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Like a finely crafted atlas, the Globetrotter worldtimer collection represents our planet.

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Double Tourbillon

The double tourbillon is a rare construction, even more so with this structural approach that meets aesthetic, historical, and horological objectives.

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