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Photo of Luna Magna Red Gold

Driven by the moon

Measuring time has relied on the recurrence of astronomical phenomena to find long, reliable points of reference there that can be used under any conditions. The fruit of the human ingenuity, patience, and dedication of countless observers and astronomers from every culture are the markers of cyclical time that are foundational for Arnold & Son watchmaking.

Caseback photo of Luna Magna White Gold "Ultimate II"

Astronomical signature

The distinctive feature of the Brand’s moon-phase timepieces is their “astronomical” display precision. This term corresponds to an accumulated one-day deviation in the moon phase display every 122 years. Since setting this complication requires great finesse, the Arnold & Son moons generally have a double display with a secondary indicator on the case back next to the movement. This extremely rare display bears witness to Arnold & Son’s involvement in all types of development and reflects its favoured themes, which are as much chronometric as astronomical. 

Our collections in Astronomy

Soldier photo of Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold
Perpetual Moon

Showcasing one of the largest moons in the watchmaking sphere, Perpetual Moon stands out for its complication and Arnold & Son’s aesthetic approach.

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Soldier photo of Luna Magna Red Gold
Luna Magna

In a starry sky, a large moon alternates between light and dark as it moves through its phases. Luna Magna is the largest rotating moon ever built into a wristwatch.

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