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Face up photo of Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold

Perpetual Moon

Showcasing its impressive complication, Perpetual Moon stands out for its watchmaking and aesthetic approach. 

diaphaneous presence

Arnold & Son explores the theme of moon-phases with its constant eye for detail and decoration, taking advantage of the watchmaker’s developments in cases, dials, and finishes.     

precious material

Perpetual Moon cases in 18-carat (5N) red gold or 950 platinum have been specifically designed. The cases measuring either 41.5 mm or 38 mm leave a large place for the dial, drawing attention to its finishes and its vast moon. 

The collection

navigation at sea

The constellations have been chosen to directly reference John Arnold’s history as a maker of naval chronometers. Navigators in the Northern Hemisphere have used the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia since time immemorial to find their bearings and locate the North Star (Polaris). The latter’s position defines the North and its angular altitude, or position in the North-South plane, and allows the distance to the equator, i.e., latitude, to be estimated. 

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Soldier photo of Luna Magna Red Gold
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