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Face up photo of Ultrathin Tourbillon Red Gold

Ultrathin Tourbillon

Ultrathin Tourbillon is one of the slimmest in the world. Presented in its purest expression, nothing distracts the eye from the hypnotic workings of the one-minute flying tourbillon.

member of the ultrathin league

Ultrathin Tourbillon features a sleek bassiné case made of red gold (5N) or platinum (Pt 950), measuring 41.5 mm in diameter and 8.3 mm in thickness. The bezel has been reduced to a fine metal band, highlighting the exquisite tourbillon mechanism. 

off-centred dial as signature

The offset display and the tourbillon aperture echo the way information was arranged on John Arnold’s marine chronometers. With the bezel reduced to a fine metal band, the whole highlights the one-minute flying tourbillon mechanism. 

The collection

Photo of Ultrathin Tourbillon


The finesse and architecture of the calibre characterizes Ultrathin Tourbillon. The highest point of this movement rests on top of the tourbillon carriage, which features a variable inertia balance with inertia blocks for more stable calibration over time. The tourbillon carriage has been redesigned to reflect John Arnold’s role in marine exploration during the 18th century. Its triangular shape calls to mind a sextant, while its double-arrow counterpoise represents an anchor. The carriage completes a full rotation in one minute, and the point in the middle serves as a seconds marker.

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