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Face up photo of Double Tourbillon White Gold
World time

Double Tourbillon

The double tourbillon is a rare construction, even more so with this structural approach that meets aesthetic, historical, and horological objectives. 

Photo of Double Tourbillon White Gold

refined eminence

In historical terms, Double Tourbillon is based on the two fundamental principles of John Arnold’s work – chronometry and world time. His aim in producing marine chronometers was to simplify and reproduce a reliable means of time measurement. The goal was to retain knowledge of the time at a journey’s starting point. By comparing this to the time in the place of measurement, taken by observing true solar noon, ocean navigators could measure their position on the east-west axis, i.e. their longitude.  

The collection


Double Tourbillon displays the local time at 12 o’clock with Roman numerals. It is complemented by a remote time at 6 o’clock and presented in Arabic numerals. The hours and minutes displays of these two dials are entirely independent. 

mineral beauty

In terms of aesthetics, Double Tourbillon often draws on its mineral’s sumptuous appearance with off-centre hour dials crafted in white opal, an Arnold & Son signature. 

Double Tourbillon WG-aventurine_face-up

watchmaking excellence

Double Tourbillon draws on the design, manufacture, finishing and setting capacities of the Arnold & Son manufacture. Its sapphire crystal is domed to accommodate the contours of its twin tourbillons. They are each attached to a three-dimensional bridge, boast a cantilevered skeleton configuration, and are crafted in white gold. They are also the end of a double-gear train. The A&S8513 calibre thus features two barrels and two crowns for two time zones. They can display the same time or two different times, and one can even display the time while the other measures the duration of a long event. Unlike most so-called travel watches, Double Tourbillon can display the time in zones offset by 15, 30 or 45 minutes.  

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