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Portrait of John Arnold


As a renowned watchmaker, John Arnold produced some of the most accurate marine chronometers of the 18th century. He won several awards from the Bureau des Longitudes, spurring him on in his research into timekeeping. He filed many patents as an inventor, including one for a compensation balance featuring a bimetallic balance spiral and another for a helical balance spring with terminal curves. Arnold also produced simplified chronometer design principles that permitted mass production of these timepieces, many of which were made available to His Majesty’s Royal Navy, making John Arnold one of its principal suppliers. One of his least known but most significant contributions was the modern definition of the term ‘chronometer’, which today refers to a high-precision timepiece driven by a movement that has passed an accuracy inspection carried out by an official neutral body.

Photo of Ultrathin Tourbillon Skeleton Red Gold face-up


A fine watchmaking House stands out for its mastery of the classics. Arnold & Son has based its identity on its ability to produce great watchmaking complications linked to John Arnold’s heritage and based on three principles: Astronomy, Chronometry and World Time. These complications include tourbillon, true seconds, dual time zones and moon phase. Lastly, the long-lasting power reserves pay homage to Arnold’s marine chronometers, which also benefit from impressive autonomy. Arnold & Son’s twenty or so calibres have been conceived, designed, developed, machined, decorated, assembled, and adjusted by its sister Manufacture, La Joux-Perret. This independence demonstrates the House’s ability to perpetuate John Arnold’s exceptional inventions.

Double Tourbillon WG-aventurine_face-up


Arnold & Son is known for its timepieces with a unique style that can be easily recognized. The movements’ architecture, the continuous pursuit of multiaxial symmetry, and the skillfully crafted dials, often featuring rare gemstones and minerals, are all in line with the brand’s manufactured calibers, ranging from a single barrel to the full range of grande complication calibers.