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Arnold & Son is named after the famous 18th-century English watchmaker John Arnold. The golden age of maritime exploration and discovery propelled watchmaking towards a new ideal of accuracy necessary for astronavigation, which was used to determine longitude at sea, i.e. the difference between the local time indicated by the position of the sun and the Greenwich Mean Time read off from an onboard marine chronometer. By comparing the difference in time provided by these two variables, sailors could calculate the distance separating them from the Greenwich meridian and thus their easterly or westerly position. Astronomy, chronometry and what we now call ‘world time’ are thus inextricably linked to the same quest for precision to which John Arnold and his son John Roger Arnold devoted their lives, their art and their ingenuity.

Designed and developed in-house

As a result, these three principles – Astronomy, Chronometry and World Time – are all embodied in Arnold & Son’s contemporary timepieces. Echoing the inventions and pursuits of John Arnold, they constitute the foundations on which the brand’s collections are built. The twenty or so exclusive calibres presented by Arnold & Son to date have all been designed and developed in-house and produced by its sister Manufacture La Joux-Perret in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). This independence and creativity demonstrate the House’s capacity to perpetuate John Arnold’s exceptional inventions.

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