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hours, minutes, astronomical moon phases (a correction of one day required every 122 years), moon-phase indicator on the back
Calibre A&S1021 - 3D MOON PHASES
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44mm, 18 carat white gold, bezel with dual-row invisible setting and studded lugs, with a total of 112 baguette-cut diamonds (~5.90 ct)
lagoon-blue PVD-treated ruthenium crystals, subdial in white opal & 12.00 mm moon of 18 carat white gold set with 161 diamonds (~0.75 ct) and 161 Paraíba tourmalines (~0.64 ct)
hand-stiched, outside: lagoon-blue alligator leather, inside: raspberry-pink alligator leather & pin buckle 18 carat white gold, set with 26 baguette-cut diamonds (~0.97 ct)
Water resistance
30 meters
Limited edition
A precious lagoon

A fine, atoll-like ring surrounds Luna Magna Ultimate II. It is formed of 112 baguette-cut diamonds totalling 5.90 ct. They overhang the flat surface of the bezel, appearing as if simply placed upon it, floating over its edge, allowing the pass through them like an open prism. This is known as an “invisible” setting, generating unique sparkle. The rarity of its material makes the dial just as exceptional. Its glittering appearance is due to millions of pure ruthenium crystals. This extremely hard metal is found in platinum mines, as they are found in the same ore. However, ruthenium is much rarer than platinum. For Luna Magna Ultimate II, the ruthenium was reformed into crystals and dyed using complex processes, before being deposited onto a dial plate. The result, now found regularly on Arnold & Son’s timepieces, is unique in the watchmaking world.

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