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Face up photo of Nebula 38 Red Gold


Since their creation, the fully skeletonised Nebula collection in 38 and 41.5 mm has been a star bursting with light.

Photo of Nebula 38 Red Gold

The Nebula origin

The word ‘Nebula’ was chosen to refer to the massive cloud of dust and gas that exists in space. Some nebulas are formed when a dying star, like a supernova, explodes and expels gas and dust. Others are regions where new stars begin to form. The collection features seven bridges on the dial that radiate from the centre, giving the sculptural movement the appearance of a cosmic explosion.

The collection

Other collections in Chronometry

Soldier photo of Longitude Titanium

Longitude Titanium is a COSC-certified chronometer with a power-reserve display and an imposing seconds counter paying tribute to John Arnold’s marine chronometers and his decisive role in calculating longitude at sea.

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Soldier photo of DSTB 42 Red Gold

DSTB, which stands for ‘Dial-Side True Beat’, is one of Arnold & Son’s most personal collections, revealing its true-beat second’s mechanism on the dial side.

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Soldier photo of Ultrathin Tourbillon Red Gold
Ultrathin Tourbillon

Ultrathin Tourbillon is one of the slimmest in the world. Presented in its purest expression, nothing distracts the eye from the hypnotic workings of the one-minute flying tourbillon.

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Soldier photo of Time Pyramid Platinum
Time Pyramid

By arranging the organs of Time Pyramid‘s movement from top to bottom instead of in a circle, Arnold & Son goes beyond the chronometric horizon to achieve an unparalleled feat of design.

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