TE8 Ref. 1SJAP.B01A.C113A

The invention of the tourbillon in 1801 is attributed to John Arnold's close friend and fellow watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet, but there is evidence to suggest that Arnold played more than a small role in its development. Some indication of the close professional relationship that existed between them and of Arnold's involvement in the mechanism can be found in the fact that Breguet's first-ever tourbillon was mounted in John Arnold's No. 11 movement, a watch which can be seen to this day in London's British Museum and bears a dedication to Arnold from Breguet.

The tourbillon is one of the most elegant and inspired complications in the history of watchmaking. As simple in principle as it is difficult to make, the mechanism was designed to eliminate the errors of rate caused by gravity on a pocket watch carried in a vertical position. Weighing mere fractions of a gram, it consists of a mobile cage that contains all the parts of the escapement, with the balance at the centre. The cage completes one revolution around its own axis every minute, thus ensuring that the balance wheel oscillates at different positions in the course of its 360° journey and that the rate remains as constant as possible.

The TE8 Tourbillon heralds a brand-new collection that combines classical styling with innovative, state-of-the-art technology. Some of its more distinctive features are obvious at first glance. Compared with other more conventional tourbillons found today, the TE8's movement is said to be "inverted": in other words, most of the technical elements and visually interesting features can be seen on the dial side, when they would normally be hidden away on the reverse.

The timepiece also boasts a number of typically English technical idiosyncrasies that will interest even the most discerning watch connoisseur. Take the symmetrical layout of the movement, for instance: achieving this meant surmounting several difficult technical challenges. As a result, the barrel spring and the tourbillon cage are centred along the watch's longitudinal axis. The tourbillon itself is mounted on a single bridge -à l'anglaise, as it is known in watchmaking circles. A closer examination of the winding system reveals a traditional construction used in older watches that involves the use of "wolf-teeth", an asymmetrical tooth system featuring both long and narrow spokes used primarily to improve the smoothness of the overall movement and to enhance its elegant design.

From an aesthetic point of view, however, the feature that sets Arnold & Son's Tourbillon TE8 apart is its singularly English design. Some of the more obvious elements include the meticulously positioned three-quarter barrel bridge with its large wave-shaped cut-out and a lavish decoration unique to Arnold & Son, the triangular tourbillon and motion-work bridges, and the three-spoke design of the wheels, which are shaped with such distinctive flair. Needless to say, every detail of this striking piece, such as the black and brushed polishing, bevelling and movement decoration, is painstakingly hand-finished by Arnold & Son's master watchmakers.


Ref. 1SJAP.B01A.C113A
18-Carat Rose Gold Case
Limited Edition of 25 pieces


hours, minutes, tourbillon


Exclusive Arnold & Son mechanical tourbillon movement, hand-wound, 19 jewels, diameter 32.6 mm, thickness 6.25 mm, power reserve 80 h, 21'600 vibrations/h. Movement decoration: nickel-silver movement, black ruthenium treated with Haute Horlogerie finishing: manually chamfered bridges with polished edges, fine circular graining and A&S specific waves decoration, screwed gold chatons, mirror-polished tourbillion cage and bridge, screws with bevelled and polished heads.



18-Carat Rose Gold,
diameter 44mm, cambered sapphire with anti-reflective coating on both sides, case back see-through sapphire



Open dial. Golden indexes, polished. Golden facetted hands, polished and brushed.


Hand-stitched black alligator leather


30 Meters

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